This is my game. My name is Andrew Saiz. I live in Socorro NM. I'm making a game for the playstation3 and xbox360. I don't know if I can make it become big but if I can get people and sponsors to help together we could become a big game. Now i'm just on my begining steps. I'm getting the story board part down. This game is called Hell! It's a story about two kids that get posessed from this game called the uija board. They have a friend named Kreon Ortiz that thinks somethings wrong with them. Well Kreon notices that the main bad guy had made a lot of people play this game especailly the people that don't know about the game. Well Kreon also notices that the people that are posessed are doing the same thing as the main bad guy to other people. The people that are posessed are not called zombies. They are called the "posessed." If you can help me with anything with my game please call 1-575-418-5750 to contact me for more info or text me at the same number......Please I need help