If you need help based on this encyclopedia or wiki as you may call it, you have came to the right place. 

All articles starts with a NAME Edit

A name is not just a name. It is also the key that users use to find your article. You may redirect other pages to your article.


The articles name is: Playstation Home

 The wrong name is: Home OR playstation home

Noticed the small letters and the single word. These are the words peple search for, and only one article on each subject is enought (trust me!).

You got to get the INFORMATION Edit

You have to have something useful in your article. Maybe content from Wikipedia, but then you have to onlye use words and not sentences. This is in fact extremely important for us. You may use your own knowledge, but please put an "i think" comment after the sentence so users know it may not be a fact.


Assains Creed 2's last city is the Vatican, i think.

That is how you do it (please note that this is wrong. And if you do this wrong, you can save yourself by putting "i think" after the sentence like shown before. Assains Creed 2's last city is Rome, the Vatican is not a city, it is a selfstanding muncipality, what? It's a fact).

Just text..boring. Where is the IMAGES? Edit

You need images or at least one image to make your article interesting. Click add picture when editing and select from your computer, our directory or Flickr to get the best pics you may find on the web. We do not accept bad quality images like the one below for an example:

Blurred Movement

But you probable understand that. It is simple really. Do not post shitty images.

You can do a lot with your images. Put it to the left, right or center.

Shrink it, or expand it.

Put it beside the text, put text under the picture and much, much more.

It is for you to explore.

But keep it simple for now. Start with the basics.

It's a FACT. Edit

Every good article needs an infobox. An infobox is very serious and makes the article look very professional. The article is much more easy to use, because if the user only want some few tips or facts he does'nt have to crawl the whole article to find it.