According to Sony Playstation's website, these are all the main features on the Playstation 3.

The features of the Playstation 3 gaming system
Feature Console Status About
Blue Ray All Active The Blue Ray provided in The Playstation 3 is the world's most powerful video player.
HDMI All (before not The 20gb version) 2004-03-01 The Playstation 3 supports Full HD (1080px)
Playstation Store All Active (Updates automatically) Playstation Store provides a download center for Sony content.
PS Home All Active PS Home is the most advanced virtual world on the market.
"Free" Internet All (before not The 20gb version) Active Playstation 3 has a built in unique browser and full access to the internet. You may download content in the browser.
Life with Playstation All Active News and weather updates is featured in this new-way program. The program is based on Stanford University technology and contributes to the search for curing cancer.
USB 2.0 All Active Plug in an USB stick on the PS3 and you can download content on or off from the system. You can also download from the internet.
CD Support All Active The Playstation 3 supports CDs and most file. CDs.
Other OS Support All Deactivated in Update 3.0 The Playstation 3 used to have a feature, that allows users to install different operating systems.