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Playstation 3 (PS3) is a gaming console, and a computer with nearly full access to the internet. It is also a Blue Ray player and was able to run a full operating system. This feature was discontinued after Update 3.0 . Playstation 3 is the third console made by Sony Entertainment . Competitors are the xbox360, by Microsoft, and the Wii made by Nintendo. The PS3 can be connected to the Playstation Portable , and the PSP can now be syncronized to the Playstation 3.

Playstation 3
PS3logonewSony playstation 3
The systems new logo, and the first, original fully released Playstation 3 console in black edition.OriginallogoGravisGamePad
Release name Playstation 3
Manufacter Sony
Family Company Playstation
Generation Seventh generation
Sold 27 million↑ (September, 31/09)
Release Date November 11, 2006
Compatible Controller Dualshock 3, Sixaxis
Online Service Playstation Network☼ (PSN)

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The Playstation 3 menu system is the Xcross- Media Bar (XMB). The Playstation 3's graphic system is the RSX Reality Synthesizer based on a NV47 NVIDIA chip. The PS3 comes in handy when you want to syncronize content wireless trought your room or the house you are in.

The Bluetooth 2.0 is very useful for transfering media from a computer. The system supports USB 2.0 and have an advanced HDMI 3.1.

The Central Processing unit of the Playstation 3 gaming system is the Cell microprocessor. It consists of six "multicores" or Synergistic Processing Elements (SPEs) with one seventh Processing Element running in special mode distributing the security system and the main operating system of the Playstation 3. It also an eight Element for imrpoving production yields.

Disc Drive

The Playstation 3 is capable of playing a large amount of different formats.

The Blue Ray player is the Playstation 3's exclusive disc player. The player is region coded and allows the use of Playstation 3 BD-ROM which is also region matched so that you may not play games bought in a foreign country on your own system. BD-ROM

Software Hardware
Blue Ray, IBM Cell Microprosessor NVIDIA RSX WiFi, Playstation Network (Home, Playstation Store)
WiFi, Playstation Network Life with Playstation
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The Story

With the trademark PLAYSTATION 3, now replaced with PS3, Sony launched the console May 16, 2005, on the E3 05 conference. (The interviews can be found on the Playstation Store). The system was not presented, but the structure, games and thoughts, drawings, demos and more were revealed under the conference. The prototype that were shown had 2 HDMI ports, 3 ethernet ports and massive six USB ports. It was in the color of white and at the sam time the two upcoming hardware consoles were announced, a 20gb console and a 60gb console. The November 11, the system was released in Asia, and then released in Europe and the US on the 17, same month. During the release Sony showed of 27 playable games on the PS3. Later, on August 18, 2009 the new Slim model was released. The model is a lighter version of it's precedence, cheaper and in fact,better equipped. More about The Slim longer down the page.

Underneath follows a list of the PlayStation 3 software.== VidZone ==

VidZone is a music-video program only on The PlayStation 3. It takes (tested) around 6 minutes to download and houses over 500 000 songs. Every user browse the content alphabetically, and with searching. On the main site you may slide trough tens of hot artists and celebrity content. You may then add-2-playlist. VidZone can be downloaded from the Playstation Store. RemotePlay allows users to play the music on a PSP system. America was the first area to get the software, while Australia and Europe followed on June 11, 2009, and at last, Scandinavia on Desember 6, 2009. Europe and the US' may download music videos, but currently, the rest of us will have to wait. VidZone allows Sony to showcase the whole collection of content they have from their records at BMG and so on. The reason that Sony chooses to give away their songs for a cheaper prize, is the speed and the always growing use of pirate media.

PlayStation Home

Main article on Playstation Home.

PlayStation Home (PSH or PSNH) is clearly the most advanced online community on planet earth. The program can as VidZone, be accessed on the Playstation home screen (Xmb). Users can customize a person down to detail, and move around and interact with objects and people. Gaming companies like EA and Ubisoft has showcased their own home spaces. These companies are just 2 of the many companies that take use of the program. Not only gaming companies use Playstation Home to showcase products, also Audi is working on a project. PlayStation began developing Home in early 2005 and was released as an open public beta. version on December 11, 2008.PlayStation Home is still in construction as a beta. version.

Life with PlayStation

Life with Playstation (before: folding@home) is a weather and channel showcaser with built in Google News compatibility. Channels are removed and expanded all the time. The most common channel is the weather channel, provided by Weather Life with PlayStation features a truning globe that can be dragged around to find distant places on planet earth. Together with Stanford University, Playstation contribute to defeating cancer with the protein simulation and data sharing software, built into the Folding@home channel that is still there.