You Are Free


You have luckily entered the great, growing experience of the Playstation 3 Encyclopedia, PS3E or The Playstation 3 Wiki that you will probably remember us as. We are a community, working to construct a lexicon of information under the terms and conditions of wikia corporation. All we do is of quality, and the texts (we think, and we hope you do to) is exiting to read with fun meanings and thoughts underneath. You may contribute. This is also free. It is fun, and very, very easy.


We are welcoming you to a network of entertainment, just what the Playstation 3 is for. We are Playstation 3 on the computer, and we hope to satisfy you and your thirst for info, walktroughts and help on the road trought the Playstation universe. We are trying to keep up with all the new stuff happening at Sony and near your home. It all happens fast, and we need your help.. The mouseclicks and sharing of knowledge i syour way to give your donations to us. The good think about us, there is no need of money. Just you.